Brian Liston

Triumph from Tragedy

Death is...
something uncontrollable: spreading like a virus
losing your friend in a matter of seconds
Without a chance to say goodbye.
It is pain beyond words
like the world is crumbling around you
with no escape in sight
Like losing you mentor; your hero
your knight in shining armor
In what seems like an eternity
But there is hope and joy in this
We must remember to appreciate
those people that are living now
before it's too late
And to love other people back
Regardless of what others think of them
If we are to join our friends
When we leave this place
And journey into
The next world.

Autistic Superkid

I am and have always been
The autistic superkid
I am one of the first
But not the last
And I am always trying to improve
I am an ambassador of two worlds
Half-citizen of Earth; Half citizen of Wallbrook
This is how I truly am
Even though it's not how I look

About the Author

Born in Brooklyn, NY in August 1980, Brian returned with his parents to Saugerties, NY, shortly after his birth. When Brian was 3 he taught himself how to read and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with autism. He attended the Children's Annex, a special school for children with autism in Kingston, NY for four years. From there, he attended Mt. Marion Elementary School in Saugerties, NY and moved on to Saugerties Junior/Senior High School . Upon graduation Brian enrolled in Ulster County Community College, which he is currently attending. It was there that he met his friend Larry Berk, the Head Librarian at Ulster. When Larry was a featured reader at the Society, Brian felt compelled to hear him, and he has been coming to the Society's readings ever since. He feels that his poetry comes from his grandfather, a poet himself who died in 1991, and from other people who have inspired him, like Larry. Being an autistic individual, he feels like he is blazing a trail for people like himself, as is evident with a Chronogram publishing of 'Autistic Superkid" under his belt.

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