Barry Weiss

Try to be alone with me - just bare your soul
And let me see you naked in aloneness
Be yourself with me


If I were gone
I wouldn't notice
All the thoughts
Like vicious cycles
Taking me astray
Far from truth
And back again
To the moment of silent revelation
Where the secret
Screaming after me
Proved the sound of silence
Can be deafening
And all that could hear
Was my own thunder
Drowning out the silence
I didn't know that I was seeking
Saying there would be nothing I couldn't know
If I were gone
I wouldn't notice...


Long lost feelings
Of love long lost
Sends me reeling way off course
Lost in sad and lonely sighs
After elusive butterflies

Still I must believe I'll find a way
To grasp this feeling and make it stay
As if I could embrace a dream
And not awaken from the scene
Knowing that it would destroy
This fleeting feeling of inner joy
Awakening as only me
With my companion misery
And long lost feelings endlessly

But how is it that I recall
A love I never had at all
And why do I feel that I'm off course
If I'm chasing what I thought I lost

Could it be that I and Me
Were separated secretly
And as I searched for me out there
The doubt I felt was in the air
Was there because I always knew
That long lost love was out of view
And what it was I couldn't see
Was that long lost feeling was being me...

About the Author

Barry has been teaching Zen Meditation and Yoga for 40 years. He has studied with Baba Ram Dass (Be Here Now), Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who started Naropa Institute and wrote Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, Joseph Chilton Pearce (Magical Child), and Swami Muktananda. He also studied at the Waldorf Institute (Rudolf Steiner) and started The Green Mountain Waldorf School, in Vermont. He is presently working on starting a Retreat Center here in Woodstock.

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