Cate McNider

Working Theory

Faith and trust are a working theory;
the unknown that holds a place,
where an experience has yet
to replace the words.


The movement of all things:
the planets, space itself,
the stars, elements themselves
within me and without,
defined itself as the allowing
of all to be itself,
is itself,
It’s wholeness is dependable.

What am I not?

What am I not I am not not everything everything is in me and I am you and you are me and everything runs through this body, this river of consciousness, these dreams and reality is our other dreams in all the reality is, what am I not but everything. And so everything moves through me and if I am not not everything I have no need for identifying as anything but what I am. I am not not everything. I am not not everything everything runs through me and so I am not any one thing, I am everything. I don't need to identify with something or not identifying with something out of this know that the both and neither are true. I am not not everything. I am not not everything I am the space through which everything runs through which everything come I am that feeling that there is no word for or words for. I am not not everything. I am not not my sister I am not not my friend I am not not my enemy, I am not not the villain. I am not not everything I am what it is, it is what I am whatever that is.

About the Author

In addition to poet, painter and dancer, Cate McNider is an Alexander Technique teacher. Much of her poetry is drawn from her bodymind explorations, inspired by nature in the micro and macrocosm. Her debut collection, Separation and Return, (Vantage Press) in 2010 received rave reviews from Publisher's Weekly, The Midwest Review and Currents. She did a series of readings launching Separation and Return at NYC public libraries, Inspired Word and Woodstock Poetry Society. She is working on her next collection.

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