Daniela Stokes

The Lack of Sounds

(Time piled upon its time)
I fortify with silent waters:
They never leak, cannot evaporate,
Though they do rain, in showers they divulge

The magnitude beside me, here, you see?
The beast so calm it feels more like
It is not permanent, I used

A charm

To twist the corners semi lucent
As I went and went, unlocked most worlds...

Kicked out of Wonderland

Remind me of my powers, Bedouin,
Deliver me onto the sheets of wrong-doings
Now checked-off quite completely,
But with the breath held up to skip my ills
I'm looking for some turf
Onto which all this stuff would spill
Without harm done to me...
Through my own bursting smile
You've trapped me into corners,
No point in asking for your specialty:
I certify and I do oil the hinges
Every morning so the miracles could fly,
So you don't have to gratify yourself
By missing joy!
Went back and forth - I am unknown.
Take it and triple that equation here inside,
It is defiled, prescribed, re-bribed by you,
Where I am nesting with the mice
And hiding in your attic, Chucky Boy...

A Guess

And if you've ever wondered why not me now,
It's coated with the layers, thickest sweet
Not here exactly, the pull - itself left to accuracy
In measures gorged by deeds, agreements to replete,
Still holding, waves did this did scream
Past nights, past echoed steps on parquet floors,
Sleep-sleep discoursing, have it, dreams pawned
For solvency tricked camouflaged
By un-encountered seize shaming itself to nameless malady
Stealing the jump, the hiss, the trot to be divine?

About the Author

I am a foreigner to the artistic circles, I have no bio. I do have a CV but something tells me it might not be the same thing... I share the passion for the undiscovered, there are many ways to reach it, quantified or not. I like the alternative way because "quantified", as in "science", has lately been rather compromised by its own conundrums. We just know too much about too little of the world revealed to our circumstance, I think.

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