John C. Kenselaar

Poetry Today

All poets pass away;
But while we're alive
Let us enjoy
Some poetry today.

lighthouse haiku

sit in a lighthouse
read poems to each other
how sweet is the sound

Love Sonnet

Our love grows as we grow older.
She falls asleep on my shoulder,
And dreams of angels' choirs singing.
When we kiss we hear bells ringing.
Heavenly bells peeling brightly
Ring in visions we share nightly.
Outside, it may be cold and snowing,
But here in our hearts, warmth is glowing.
Through the winter and into spring
Love's eternal flame burns bright.
In the summer and fall we sing
Of the pleasures of the night.
And our singing is never done.
Our love is constant as the sun.

About the Author

John C. Kenselaar is a poet and a musician who lives in the Hudson Valley. He can be found hiking in the woods singing his poems to the trees.

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