Theresa Czern

Beach Meditations III
I walk the sandy beach of Halloween
giving honor & remembrance
to the past the losses the loves
the deaths the griefs

I watch them all wash away
The fused image of the earth
the sea
the ocean falling over
covering me

I see all of this as
I walk along the beach
my beach on Halloween
listening to the waves
the ghosts
the shrieking cats
black flying bats

I feel my feet in grainy earthly sand
glistening with grog seaquins ribbons
as the earth sea sky follow me
watch me
I continue this lifelong journey


each day each life
each love each kiss
each death each night

Snow Whirl

I walk out into a snow world
this March evening
like the 'paperweight world' I often hold
shake in my hand
so beautiful
so breathtaking
now someone else
shakes up the snow as it whirls & whirls
playfully around me
and my world
I want to know who you are
you who shake my world
leaving me in a whirl

About the Author

Theresa Czern is an educator — therapist & writer — artist. She and her husband Bob moved from Brooklyn, New York, to the Catskills in 1986. Since then, she has devoted much of her time to her love of the arts, writing and spirituality. She has read her work and shown her art throughout the area in bookstores, cafes, galleries and libraries.

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