Thomas Perkins

Stealin' Blueberries

Stealin' Blueberries
From the State park
Is close
As we'd like to come
To robbin' a bank.

We'd reference some TV memory

And with nonchalance,
Hidin' berry-stained hands,
In easy,
Hiker smiles,
Walk past rangers
With bellies full of blue

Nature Insisting Awe

Sunlight through the ice-stormed
Seems powerful

Drawing cars
In slow-motion slide
To still, roadside attention.


What a word
To curve
From swollen glow
To sharp

About the Author

Thomas Perkins was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1969. It was, however, the New Jersey suburb where he was raised that inspired him to join the Peace Corps in search of some…flavor. After eight years abroad, Thomas has returned to the US where he is valiantly adjusting to adventures most consider mundane. He thrives with his son at Cantine's Island in Saugerties and continues his worthy quest for a community with which to share his humble verse. In addition to the poems above, a number of additional works are available for sharing at

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