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Allen Fischer
-The Joke
-Tell Me More

Andrée Stolte
-Realm Between Incarnations
-Today Is The Last Day
-Ashokan Beauty

Anthony G. Herles

Arlene Gay Levine
-The Journey
-Mining the Heart

Arnold Shapiro
-What If They Don't Wait
-The Rhetoric of Healing

Austin Metze
-My Lips are Gone

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Barbara Adams
-Letting Go
-October Fest
-Wild Life

Barbara Ungar
-Immortal Medusa
-Why I'd Rather Be a Seahorse
-The Book of Sand

Barry Weiss
-Try to be alone...
-If I were gone...
-Long lost feelings...

Bert Shaw
-Reflections in the Pond
-Moon Pond
-Building on Sand

Bill Birns
-On the Porch at Fleischmanns
-The Day Teddy Died
-8 things you didn't know about the Austro-Hungarian Grand Duke, Franz Ferdinand

Bob Wright
-It's Not About
-A Thousand Birds
-This Other Dimension

Brian Liston
-Triumph from Tragedy
-Autistic Superkid

Bruce Weber
-I Was Delivered By William Carlos Williams
-The Little Girl Threw Black Paint
  On Her Mommy's Wedding Dress
-The Woman With The Video Camera

Bryan White
-Stepping Stones of Necessary Effort
-Serbia Thawed

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Carl Rosenstock
-The Mystery Of Systems
-Elegy For A Musician

Cate McNider
-Working Theory
-What am I not?

Catherine Arra
-Ashokan Eaglets & Dusk
-Lakeside Condo with View of 8th Hole & Sand Traps

Cheryl Rice
-Plain Acorn Speech

Christine Lilian Turczyn
-Lena speaks: A Persona Poem
-Your Laughter Running
-This is For

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Dan Wilcox
-Birthday Poem
-The Cardinal
-Things You Can Do with an MFA

Daniela Stokes
-The Lack of Sounds
-Kicked out of Wonderland
-A Guess

Dayl Wise
-Pop Smoke
-Vietnam Revisited
-Found photograph
-Walking my dog while at war

Daniel Boylan
-Some days
-Too many
-I guess it's morning

Davy Anonymous
-A Glass of Wine
-The Space Between
-The Phoenix

Dennis Wayne Bressack
-How to do Nothing in Half the Time
-Stars That Can Be Found Elsewhere Other Than The Sky
-Stuck in the Middle With …

Dennis Sullivan
-While I Was Musing Earlier Tonight

Djelloul Marbrook
-Watcher in the window
-Let this mercury

Diana Dierks
-Sabatimi and I
-Somewhere Revs the Rover

Dina Pearlman

Donald Lev
-Today's Poem
-The Bear
-The Day

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Elizabeth J. Coleman
-One Way of Looking at Grace
-Our Garden in Summer

Elo-Mall Toomet (Ellom)
-wounded knee
-taste of blood

Eddie Bell
-21st Century Woman
-Twenty First Century Man: A Rap-so-dy in Black

Ernst Schoen-Rene
-Lysistrata (c. 400 BCE)
-Lord Of The Flies

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Frank Boyer
-The Secret
-Street Blues
-Black on Grey, 1970

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Georganna Millman
-Set Theory
-"Her Royal Nibs"

George Nicholson
-What is a poem?
-A Simple Tome
-This Damask Moment
-Simply for the Being
-Perched Among the Eagles

George Wallace
-I Want to Go Where the Garbage Men Go
-Subway Music
-Songs of Towns

Glenn Werner
-Base Board Nail
-Awaiting Cremation

Gretchen Primack
-Michael Kleiman
-The Absence of Unnecessary Hurting
-Love This

Guy Reed
-Euphoria in Ohio
-Conveyance Object #4
-Poetry Fails

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Howard J. Kogan
-God's Regrets

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Ian H. Finn
-Ode to the Beats
-Muse of Creation

Iris Litt
-Murphy’s Law
-Death of a Friend
-If I Were a Fish

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James Lonergan
-Silly Goose
-Show Us - An Epithalamium
-Six Views of the Mountain Conjured in Mist

Jennifer A. Hudson
-Your Hand
-Silence is neither Golden nor Elemental
-Judgment (or God is a woman)

Jesse H. McKnight
-Tabula Rasa
-Anti Meme

Joanne Grumet
-Vivian’s Pot

Joe DiMattio
-Malarme "Sainted Spring"
-The Moon's Light

Joe Krausman
-The Passionate Accountant To His Love
-Organ Lessons
-Only One to a Customers

John C. Kenselaar
-Poetry Today
-lighthouse haiku
-Love Sonnet

Josh K. McIntyre
-The Bitters in the Sweet
-Lab Results

Judith Saunders
-Crucial Efforts
-Poughkeepsie Railway Station
-First Visit to Key West

Judy Lechner
-Bone of My Bone
-Boris Pasternak in a Stetson
-Fired Up

Julie Evans
-But God

Justin Bressack
-Strange Poems Are Not For Strangers
-A Fight For Territory

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Karen Corinne Herceg
-In My Travels
-Feline Intensity
-A Thin Season
-Hudson History

Karol Neilsen
-Poetry Is Dead

Kate Hymes
-The Seminar

Kate McNairy
-A Cup of Coffee
-Raking Leaves
-I Have Lost My Favorite Blouse

Kate Reese Hurd
-The Speech Sound Etudes, Volume I: Revelations of the Logos (abstract)

Katherine Burger
-Rainy Season
-Paying For Your Girlhood Sins
-Animal Tree

Ken Holland
-High Storm Coming
-Fathers and Sons

Ken Dreyfack
-Twisted Helix
-My Memory Is a Lawyer
-Albany International Airport

Kenneth Salzmann
-Walt Whitman’s butterfly
-What but the music?
-The Hudson Valley School in the Time of RMN

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Larissa Shmailo
-Williamsburg Poem
-Dancing with the Devil
-Dante - Anna Akhmatova
-In Paran

Laura Lonshein Ludwig
-The Soldier Leaves the Selling Floor

Laurence Carr
-Saigon Cinnamon
-a hundred iridescents
-Ferguson, Afghanistan...

Laurel Porterfield Manly
-Pinkie Balls

LeClanché Durand
-Subway Madonna

Lee Gould
-Lady Finger
-Who is my Muse?
-Exchanging Mothers for Horses

Lee Slonimsky
-Stock Trader in the Woods
-Rainy Day
-Tiberius's Villa

Leslie Gerber
-Life Changes

Lewis Gardner
-Class Bear
-In the Garden of the Senior Residence

Lily Warren
-The Jealous Ones
-The Runaway and the Japanese Piano Bar
-Boys' Trouble

Lou Lewis
-On The Hudson Line - Poughkeepsie to New York
-When I Was a Child
-Twenty New Poems For Hiroshige’s Large Fish

Louis H. Strugatz
-Vanderbuilt's Caterpillar

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Marcia Slatkin

María Arrillaga

Marianna Boncek
-Morning Temptations
-Weekend College, Brattleboro, Vermont; 1991

Mark Goldstein
-October Lunch / Times Square / Ca. ‘69
-Le Drugstore Fire

Marnie Andrews
-The Trees of Miller Road
-Your birthday is coming....
-The 13th Day Blackout

Martina Reisz Newberry
-Not To Fear The Dark
-(The Fall Of Icarus)
-Learning To Dream
-Pantoum of Woman in Coffee Shop Window

Mary Jane Carpentier
-Haiku #1
-Haiku #2
-Haiku #3

Mary Kathryn Jablonski
-Sinus Iridium (Bay of Rainbows)
-My Next Lover

Mary Leonard
-Do not be Daunted
-An Ode to the Clark Mill Workers
-After hearing Arvo Part's Summa for Strings

Mary Makofske
-Lone Gunman
-My Mother, La Profesora, 1938
-A Tough One

Maryann Hazen-Stearns

Matthew J. Spireng
-Killdeer after a Late Planting in Corn
-Water-based Lubricant
-The Horse

Melody DiGregorio
-Your Chalk Outline (Or What You Did Was a Crime)
-Deadly Drunk

Mike Jurkovic
-Flux State
-Albert's Riddle

Miriam Ben-Yaacov
-The Dukkha of Being
-Never to Slaughter Nor Butchers Be
-Ways to World Peace

Myraka Jones
-The Uninvited Guest.
-Welcome to my Nightmare
-When Did I Slip Away

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Nancy Graham
-At Home
-Hallgató (a song for listening to)
-#11 Friendly Shadows

Nina Shengold

Norma Ketzis Bernstock
-Ode to Flesh
-What We Remember
-Why I Live Where I Live

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Olga Kronmeyer
-The Gift Regained
-The Unity of Creation

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Patricia Quinn
-The River
-What Remains

Paul Clemente
-I sat there helplessly
-Swamp Red Maple

Pauline Uchmanowicz
-Egypt Beach, Massachusetts

Perry S. Nicholas
-Water on Mars
-The Daily Planner

Peter Coco
-Our Great National Pastime
-I Saw You
-nice as Nice

Philip Pardi
-Drinking With My Father in London
-Meditation on the Ego
-Poem Without Birds

Philip Sullivan
-Morning After
-Reply to a Monody
-To a Dying Gardenia

Phillip X Levine

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Raphael Kosek
-Red Canna, 1924
-Journey with Man and Crows
-Twenty-One Days: The Soldier's Mother

Reagan Upshaw
-Hay Fever
-Then and Now

Rebecca Daniels
-Lost Things
-Martha’s Vineyard
-Maidenhair Fern

Rebecca Schumejda
-The Map of Our Garden
-A Mother's Mantra

Rees Davis
-Catskill Gold

Richard Phillips
-Head lifts up like a hunting dog's
-Pleasure of it
-Slipping thru

Robert Milby
-Omen on a January Morning
-Slamming Doors Around Mozart
-Winter Birds

Robert Miss
-Coming Upon the Egyptian Curtain
-Geraldo Contemplates
-Captain of the Universe

Roberta Gould
-My Name
-Attempted Dialogue With Cicadas

Roger Mitchell
-A Night on a Polder
-Coal Train

Roger Whitson
-Sonnet for Commercialism
-Sonnet for Nikki Giovanni
-riposte to tommy gunn

Ronald Whiteurs
      Lieder of the Seasons
-Das Sommerlied
-Das Winterlied
-Der Fruehlingesang
-Der Herblichgesang

Ruth Meitin Garbus
-Mountain Inspiration
-The Rake's Progress
-Mother's Life Force

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Sandra Gardner
-living on air

Sharon Gannon
-The Silence of Us All
-Time Poem
-We see the everlastingness in everything that's passing

Shirley Powell
-March Hovers
-Grammarian's Poem

Stuart Bartow
-Calling the Muse

Susan Lewis
-I Can’t Say How We Got This Far
-This is Not a Movie

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Tara Johannessen
-I am
-Let me,

Teresa Marta Costa
-Real Religion
-The Gates of Autumn

Theodore Phelps
-Closed for Winter
-Prologue Again
-Life of an Oak and Maple

Theresa Czern
-Beach Meditations III
-Snow Whirl

Therese Broderick
-Deep Linking: An Etymology
-Recruits Needed To Sift Stardust
-When I Am Asked

Thomas Perkins
-Stealin' Blueberries
-Nature Insisting Awe

Thomas Brinson
-Ambivalent New Year
-a crack in the cloud

Timothy Brennan
-At The Party

Trina Porte
-aging in america
-happy new year after all
-on the need to re-establish sovereignty over my own heart

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Vincenza Dante
-ABC Poem
-Shadow Woman
-Shade Song
-No Argument is Stronger Than Your Kiss

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Wendy Merrick Burbank
-Language of Blood
-The Myth of the Javelinas
-situation at home unbearable

Will Nixon
-H. Houst & Son
-Marilyn Crispell
-Cooper Lake Trespassing

Willard Gellis
-Neshoba County Blues

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